A Samsung employee who’s trying to earn a discount at one of the company’s stores may need to buy extra products.

The company has been selling off its smartphones, laptops, and TVs to save money for a couple of years now.

Now the company is turning its attention to its employees, offering discounts on their purchases.

Samsung employees can get a discount on Samsung products, and it’s all up to them.

You don’t need to be a Samsung customer to use the service, as long as you’ve had the device for at least three years.

But if you’re an existing customer, you might want to consider purchasing an additional Samsung product or service, like a new TV or laptop.

If you don’t have the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, or a Samsung tablet, the company will also give employees discounts on purchases at their local Samsung store.

Here are the ways you can get an employee discount: Get an Apple TV from a local Samsung employee.

Samsung sells the company a Samsung TV for $99.99, which includes a three-year contract, unlimited streaming, and a free 30-day trial.

That includes a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which comes with a four-year subscription to Hulu Plus and Netflix.

If a Samsung employees wants to buy the $99 Apple TV, they need to give it a three year contract and get Hulu Plus.

Get a Samsung Gear S3 from an employee.

Gear S4 owners will get a $200 discount on the device, but Samsung is selling it separately for $149.99.

Employees can use the code “SAMSUNG” to get 20% off the purchase.

If the employee wants a Samsung Note 5 or an additional Gear S, they can get either for $79.99 or $149, which is less than the normal price.

Get the Samsung Chromebook 13 for $129.99 from an individual employee.

Employees get an additional $100 off the price.

The code “SEVIRI” is also required for the discount, so they need the employee’s email address to sign up.

You can find more information on how to use Samsung’s discount program here.

Buy a new laptop or desktop from an Samsung employee, but it needs to be purchased from an authorized reseller.

The employee can use a code that works with a specific laptop or desk for $100, and the customer can use an email address that works for the specific Dell laptop or Desktop for $70.

If both parties agree, Samsung will give the employee a 15% discount.

The customer can get the laptop or a desk for a discounted price, but they’ll have to spend at least $50 on it.

Get an Amazon Fire TV Stick for $29.99 at a Samsung store, but you need to get it from an official reseller first.

You get $50 off the deal, which means you can use this code “ESLID” to save $35.

If this employee wants to purchase a Fire TV stick, they will need to email Samsung at the same address that they used to buy it.

You’ll also need to provide Samsung’s email addresses for the employee and the person using the code.

This is a separate program, so it’s worth checking with your reseller to see if they have this discount program.

Buy Samsung Gear for $299 at a Starbucks store.

The discount is just $50, and you can find the Gear S5 for $229 at a local Starbucks.

This employee can also use the discount code “SKIP” for 15% off a purchase.

The item needs to come from an approved Samsung store to qualify, and they will give you a $100 discount.

Get free Netflix on a Samsung Chromebook for $49.99 in the Google Play Store.

The Gear S6 will work, but the S6 and S6 Plus have a 30-days free trial, so this is not the best way to get the device.

Samsung will provide the free streaming option, and employees can use code “FREE” to receive 15% of the purchase price.

If an employee wants more than the free option, they’ll need to make a purchase on their own and they’ll receive a credit for the additional service.

Get Amazon Prime for $50 at an Amazon store.

Employees will get the discount on a new Samsung Chromebook 15, but this isn’t the best time to purchase the device because it’s on sale.

You should check with your local retailer to see whether you can sign up for the offer.

Buy Amazon’s Fire TV for a low price from an Amazon employee.

The device needs to arrive from Amazon and is $129, which works out to $199.99 if you use the Amazon Prime program.

This works out like a discount for employees, who can use Amazon Prime to get free TV service.

You will need an Amazon email address and the email address of a Samsung staff member to qualify.

You may need a Samsung smartphone for the service to work, and Samsung


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