Whataburgers is launching a paperless employee store in the US in the next few years, as the chain looks to replace its outdated paperless stores with online options, CEO John Sorensen told investors at the annual shareholder meeting.

Sorensens’ comments came a day after the chain announced a partnership with the tech company iQonomy to bring the company’s paperless employees store to the US.

The company is expected to debut its first paperless outlet in 2021, according to a statement from the company.

The paperless store will be a separate franchise of Whataburgs, and will be located at the company, he said.

“It’s our first and only digital store,” SoreNSens said. 

“Paperless stores, as we’ve said many times, are a very big deal,” said co-founder and CEO Andrew Coyle.

“We’re excited to be able to help our customers with this transition, and our paperless franchisees are also very excited about it.

It’s going to be a big deal for us.

It will bring us into a whole new market.” 

Whataburger is expanding its digital offerings, with the company launching a digital store in March for customers who have the e-wallet option.

Sorennens said in the same speech that he expects to bring out a new e-commerce app this year.

 The company will also expand its online presence in 2017.

Serensens said that it will launch an online shop at the end of the year, but declined to say how many outlets will be added.

Whataburgbers new paperless locations will be able offer employees the convenience of having a physical shop at home, but with online shopping, the company said.

That’s a major step forward for whataburghers digital expansion, as online ordering has been an issue in its paperless operations, Sorenens said at the shareholder meeting, referring to the chain’s paper-based ordering.

It’s also been a source of frustration for the chain, with its online store sometimes not loading for customers.

Sotnesens said the company is working on ways to improve that situation, though he declined to share specifics.

The company’s latest acquisition in the U.S. was announced in November, with Amazon buying the company for $2.8 billion.

Amazon said it was looking to expand its delivery capabilities in the states, adding that it would pay employees $1 an hour.

Earlier this year, Amazon also announced plans to acquire grocery delivery service Zappos for $3.2 billion.


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