The Kroger Employee Portal is a free and secure online portal where employees can access information, access information and collaborate on job applications and other important topics related to Kroger.

Kroger employees and their employers can use the portal to: View job listings in the Kro-Groups portal, view employee profiles, view job postings, and upload job photos.

View job postings and jobs posted by Kroger associates.

View Kroger search results and job postings.

Sign up for Kroger email newsletters, get news alerts and exclusive content from Kroger, and learn more about Kroger’s future.

To access the portal, simply go to Kro-Group Portal and select Kroger portal from the list.

Once there, you can sign up to access the Krozer portal and the Krooglex portal, and access the information that Kroger has on file.

You can also search the Krogatex portal by job title or employee title and browse the job listings and other job postings on the Kroer website.

You will have the opportunity to participate in a Kroger community by submitting your own job information, and then creating a job application.

If you apply to the KroGates job openings through the Krogoes portal, you will receive an email notification to create your application.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, contact Kroger Customer Service at 877-853-9100 or email KrogerCare.

The Kroger Employees Portal is available on the portal for $1.99 per month.

The Krogoals portal is also available for free, and it includes Kroger coupons and offers.

If there are other ways to access information or collaborate on jobs, you may find the information on the homepage helpful.

For more information about Krogers job portal, including tips for job applicants and the portal itself, visit


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