The Republican Party and Donald Trump’s “alt-right” are on the same page

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, is the leader of the “alt right,” a loose coalition of white nationalists and other far-right groups that espouse anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim views.

And while he has denied any ties to them, his supporters are taking to social media to attack Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, as well as the Democratic National Committee.

Trump, whose candidacy has been marred by infighting, has been criticized by many Republicans for his apparent lack of support for anti-fascist groups, including the Anti-Defamation League and the Anti Islam Education and Defense League, both of which are affiliated with the National Alliance.

The two groups, along with other anti-racist and antiwar groups, have called on the GOP to disavow Trump.

“He’s a phony, he’s a crook, he doesn’t know what he’s doing,” said James Esseks, who heads the National Anti-Racist Action Network, a group that has been critical of Trump’s policies.

“We’ve got to take him down.

He’s a fraud, he needs to go.”

Trump has made it clear that he believes anti-Semitism and racism are not the problem, and that he has been successful in getting more white supremacists to his side.

In an interview with ABC News in October, he said he believes Jews are the “greatest danger to America” and has urged the country to be “more compassionate and tolerant.”

But Trump’s rhetoric is hardly the only one that has drawn scrutiny.

On Wednesday, the Anti Defamation League released a report on the role that white nationalism and other extremist groups play in American society, and found that some of the groups are “increasingly active on social media.”

Trump and his supporters have been using social media in particular to spread racist messages.

In the most recent days, they have used Twitter and Facebook to criticize Democrats, as they have done throughout the election cycle.

They have also attacked Black Lives Matter protesters and other demonstrators who are often Black Lives Matters activists, saying they should be “killed” and calling on their supporters to “beat them up.”

But the alt-right is not only attacking Democrats.

They are also targeting Jews, who they say have been demonized by the Democratic Party, the media and other liberal groups.

A Facebook group called the National Conservative Union is devoted to “resisting the left,” according to a description on its page.

The group’s leader, Matthew Heimbach, said the alt right is trying to “create a more perfect union,” which is why they “are using all the resources and resources available” to them to attack the Democrats.

Heimbak called the Democratic party a “Jewish party,” saying, “the Jewish Democrats have no idea what the alt lite is doing.”

The alt-righters are trying to build a “new Jewish party,” he added.

Heimbach told The Washington Post that he and other members of the alt righters are using social platforms to express their views, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“They are spreading misinformation, they are spreading lies and they are doing a lot of damage,” he said.

“They are an extremist movement, and they want to use this as an opportunity to bring them to power.”


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