A federal employee who is willing to work hard but also has a desire to be a part of the organization, the person who wants to help others succeed and the person whose dedication and hard work are valued and appreciated.

When it comes to the federal workforce, the most important thing is to find someone that can help you succeed, said Chris Ruggles, senior director of the Federal Employees Compensation Program, or FECP.

“You can be the best and the brightest federal employee, but if you don’t have the commitment, you can be just a regular person,” he said.

That is why Ruggels recommends people with these qualities, including those with a strong work ethic, drive and an ability to learn.

If you can’t find someone with these traits, Ruggs said, you need to hire someone who will, “give you a lot of flexibility to do what you want and do it right.”

In the case of the FECS, it means finding someone who can make decisions for the agency and who has the knowledge and skills to help the agency succeed, he said, adding that people like these are the ones you want to work with.

But you don�t need to get them to the front office to find one, Riggs said.

You just need to find somebody who is open to change.

“If they can get you on the team and be flexible with you and make the best decisions for you, then that’s what you need,” he added.

The same goes for people who can be strategic about their approach to the job and are open to changing.

They need to be someone who understands the value of collaboration, Riggles said.

The same is true for people with a sense of mission and are passionate about helping others.

If you can bring those things together, you’ll find someone who has an appreciation for the federal employees job, he added, adding the key is to be willing to be flexible.

There are people who have a passion for their work, and the agency will be the beneficiary of that, Roggles said, “so you have to make sure that you are willing to listen to what their point of view is.”

You also have to have a sense that you have a role to play and you need help in making the right decision.

“We have people who are in positions where they are very comfortable in the office and they are able to take their role and play a bigger role, and you have the ability to do that as well,” he continued.

This person is not someone who just does what they want to do, Rougles said and then they leave.

He also said the most valuable asset a federal employee has is the ability for people to see they are valued in a meaningful way, which can be hard to find.

If you want someone who fits that bill, Rugles said it is important to find an employee with a passion that can be nurtured and who will be a strong part of your organization.

Find someone who is committed to your goals, has a clear vision of the future, and will take the right decisions to achieve those goals, Rogles said., and you can also look for someone who wants the opportunity to work in a highly collaborative environment.

Ruggles said that being a good federal employee doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing.

You can be a person who is very hardworking, who can help others, but still has a sense about what is important and who is passionate about their job.

The key to finding someone like that is to understand that the more they work and the more things they accomplish, the more valuable they are to the organization and the greater their value, Ruggle said.


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