Which of the following is most popular with the employees at Safeway?

The word “employee” may be a buzzword, but there are many different kinds of employees in the retail industry.

And while employees at a store may look different than those at a gas station or restaurant, the job is very similar.

Here’s a look at some of the most common jobs at stores.


Shop Assistant 1.

A shop assistant is a customer service associate who will do the shopping for customers.

They typically help with checkout, greet customers, make phone calls, etc. Some stores also have salespeople who are also shop assistants.

Some employees are paid a salary based on their performance.


Clerk 1.

Clerk is the employee who makes and processes customer orders and checks, as well as keeping track of all the orders for customers, as a form of accounting.


Customer Service Agent 1.

Customer service agents are the employees who help customers receive and pay for products and services.

Some locations offer a cash advance service.

They are also the first line of defense against theft or damage to products and equipment.


Customer Support Agent 1, or CSA, is the customer support employee who will provide customer support to customers.

He or she may also assist customers in filing claims, as needed.


Customer Experience Representative 1, aka CIR, is an employee who provides customer service to customers and assists them in locating products or services.


Customer Services Specialist 1, also known as CSP, is a supervisor in charge of customer service operations.

They may also provide customer service.


Security Manager 1, security manager is the most commonly employed job in retail stores.

This position allows for the employee to handle customer security.

They often work with other employees to manage security, or they may handle customer care and other tasks that involve safety.


Sales Representative 1 is a sales rep who handles sales for stores, often located in a retail mall.


Senior Administrative Assistant 1, Senior Administrative assistant is an administrative assistant who oversees the sales process for stores and the organization.

Some senior management at stores may also oversee these tasks.


Customer Relations Representative 1 works as a representative for customers and can assist them with questions or concerns about their purchases.


Customer Training Specialist 1 works in a customer training center, where customers can train in areas like shopping, inventory management, and customer service management.


Senior Customer Service Manager 1 works at a mall or other retail location where customer service employees work for customers as well.


Marketing Specialist 1 is an associate in sales who helps retailers improve their marketing efforts.


Senior Brand Manager 1 is the marketing manager responsible for managing the brand and helping customers discover products, services, and brands.


Marketing Coordinator 1 is responsible for the marketing activities of stores.

They handle marketing programs and campaigns.


Sales Coordinator 1 works directly with customers, sometimes with customer service representatives.


Customer Relationship Manager 1 also works with retailers to better understand customer issues.


Manager of Customer Service 1 is in charge or oversees the operations of customer services at stores and handles customer service issues.


Sales Manager 1 oversees the finances of a store’s finances.


Senior Marketing Director 1 is one of the lead marketers for stores.


Manager for Marketing 1 oversees customer education programs for retailers.


Customer Success Manager 1 helps lead retailers to achieve customer success.


Assistant to the Owner of the Store 1 is someone who works for or handles sales or customer service for the store.


Sales Assistant 1 is usually a sales associate.


Senior Sales Manager 2 handles sales and customer care for the owner of the store and has some knowledge of the business and its customers.


Manager 2 manages sales and services at the store, often based in a store that has been around for a long time.


Customer Care Specialist 1 handles customer care at stores for employees.


Senior Operations Manager 1 handles operations at stores, sometimes based in the same location.


Customer Solutions Specialist 1 oversees business operations, sales, and marketing for the stores.


Manager 1 leads customer service, operations, and support for stores; the manager handles customer issues and has a good understanding of how customers shop.


Senior Support Specialist 1 supports the store’s customer service functions.


Manager Specialist 1 provides customer support for the manager and manages the operations.


Manager Technician 1 is typically an employee in sales or management who does the technical side of customer support, such as inventory management and customer support.


Sales Specialist 1 does the bulk of the sales and technical support for retail stores, while the manager deals with sales and financial management.


Manager Specialist 1 is normally an employee or associate in customer service and deals with customer support and customer relationships.


Manager Support Specialist 2 is usually an employee involved with customer services or a salesperson, such for customer service support.


Senior Technician 2 is typically a sales manager, usually in sales, or support for a customer support center


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