UNITED KINGDOM’S workers are giving McDonalds an overall positive rating in their latest survey.

A survey for The Times, conducted by the McDonalds Group, found the company had the highest overall score, with workers’ perceptions of the company as a whole having improved significantly over the past year.

Employees rate McDonald’s as the best in the UK at 61.7 percent, with a strong focus on food and service quality, according to the survey, which also included a breakdown of the McDonald’s employee experience across the UK.

This is followed by Starbucks with 59.4 percent, and Starbucks and Pizza Hut with 57.3 percent each.

“McDonalds is in a very strong position in the US,” said David Garlick, chief executive of McDonalds UK.

“The UK is a great country to be based in, we have good public transport, great public schools and good infrastructure.”

We are doing well in terms of customer service, which is the big key for McDonalds to really deliver on that promise.

“McDonald’s has said it is working hard to improve its customer service across the country.

Its head of customer experience, John Daley, said: “We know that customer service is important for us to continue to grow our business in the U.K. and abroad.”

The company is also expanding its delivery service in the United Kingdom, offering delivery from all its UK restaurants to people across the U:from 5pm-10pm, from 11am-10:30pm, and from 1pm-8pm.”

This is about delivering on our promise to customers, and making sure they get the freshest food in the best possible way,” Mr Daley said.”

Our goal is to deliver on our customer’s desire to have a quality, delicious food experience.

“A spokesman for McDonald’s said the company was “delivering our customers the best value on the world’s most popular restaurant menu”.”

The majority of McDonald’s UK restaurants now offer fast and friendly service with an emphasis on food quality and customer satisfaction,” he added.”

At the same time, we’ve developed a new food-service system that’s driven by customer expectations.

“He said the new system is designed to ensure customers “get the best of both worlds”.”

McD’s is delivering a range of food and beverage experiences in restaurants across the United States, while we deliver a range more traditional and seasonal flavours to our customers in the home.


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