The perks at Walmart have been the subject of many discussion, and the retailer is still figuring out how to best utilise its workers.

But a new study, based on an employee appreciation quote system that has been in use for more than a decade, shows that some employees may be the most valuable in the company.

The study, conducted by the HR consultancy HR Insights, found that employees with the highest average appreciation quotes earned nearly $3,000 more per year.

The survey also found that a third of employees felt that the most appreciated employees were those who were also the most experienced.

“The highest-earning employee is the employee who is consistently recognized for their outstanding performance,” said HR Insight’s chief executive, Mike Tocci.

“In the case of Walmart, that is highly valued.”

According to HR Insigh, this means that “employees with the most experience, the highest quality and the highest appreciation are also highly valued”.

According to the study, some employees feel that the best appreciation is for the ones who have had the most exposure to their company’s culture, and are therefore more experienced and knowledgeable than the others.

“There’s a very clear correlation between appreciation at a company and the quality of the employee,” said Tocceci.

“In the workplace, a person who has been on the receiving end of the company’s efforts and care, who has worked hard, who is constantly learning and working for better and better outcomes, and who has a passion for the company and its employees, are more valuable.”

The study also found a link between appreciation and job satisfaction, which could mean that some of the highest-paid employees are the ones with the least positive feedback about their work.

“Employees who are most valued are the employees who are consistently recognized as having done well and have been able to take positive action to improve,” said Ravi Ravi, director of HR Insaults.

“The value they provide the company, and their performance on their job, are the most important factors.”

The HR Insighters study was carried out for the consultancy, which was commissioned by Walmart to find the best employees.

It found that only about 4 percent of employees said that they felt they had an employee with the greatest appreciation.

That means that only 4 percent said they had a “very positive” employee, while 7 percent said that the same person was valued only by “somewhat positive” responses.

“If an employee does not feel appreciated by others, it may not be because they’re an excellent employee,” Ravi said.

“If an individual feels valued, that’s great, but it can be a problem.”

The report also found high levels of gratitude among employees, but not necessarily for their work, which may have something to do with the fact that many employees said they felt “bored” by the company because of the busy work life they had.

“When a person feels like they’ve been there and done that, it’s very important to know that there’s a certain amount of enjoyment that they’ve experienced,” said Susan Jankowski, vice president of HR and HR Insolutions at HR InsIGHTS.

“And that enjoyment is in part due to their performance.”

Some employees were asked to rate their own appreciation for specific employees, which can be seen as a reflection of how valuable they feel to the company overall.

“I feel like I’m really good at my job, so I’m not giving myself too much credit,” said one employee who had an appreciation of her supervisor, for example.

The HRInsights study also revealed that some companies were able to reward employees who were highly valued, but did not reward employees with positive employee feedback.

“I think it’s good that you have a lot of people who are really good employees, who are very well respected,” said Jankowski.

“But you don’t have to reward them all.”


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