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Why the ‘state employee’ email was never actually a state employee, despite the fact that it looks like it was, thanks to a software bug

The story of the burger king worker’s email is the story of state employees.

The burger king and its employees were caught off guard when their state employee email was accidentally opened in an email server by an unpatched version of the Microsoft Outlook Web App.

It turned out that the state employee’s email address had been set up as a “state employee” email address in Microsoft Outlook.

State employees, such as police officers, fire fighters, or the president of the United States, can set up state email addresses for their state accounts to receive state email messages.

In this case, the employee’s state email address was set up to receive emails from the state’s general email address.

Even though this state employee was supposed to be a state official, his state email was inadvertently sent to the general state account, which, in turn, was forwarded to the state secretary’s general state email account, resulting in the email being opened by an attacker.

“We’ve never seen anything like this before,” John M. Lee, the chief executive of the state of Oregon, told Ars Technic.

Lee said that the “state email is being used to spam, harass, and intimidate people in the state.”

He also said that his office had not received any complaints about the attack.

This is the second time that the Oregon State Police has received a similar email attack.

A similar attack occurred earlier this year when a security researcher discovered that a server had been hacked by a user that had been using the “private” account of a State Department employee.

The attack was discovered and the attacker was later identified.

A separate hack in March was discovered in which hackers managed to gain access to a private email account belonging to the State Department’s deputy chief of staff.

While it’s not uncommon for email systems to be hacked, this attack is particularly concerning because it occurred on a state account that was not supposed to receive any state emails.

Lee told Ars that the email address set up by the state account was “invalid” and that it was not being used by anyone who was a state government employee.

After learning about the breach, the state said that it “will take appropriate action to secure the email account and to ensure that it is used only by employees in state government.”

The Oregon State Employees Union said in a statement that it’s “extremely disappointed” by the attack, and is asking the state to fix the issue.

As for the email server, Lee said that “the server that was compromised was a Cisco network server and was not connected to any other systems.”

“It is a significant security vulnerability,” Lee said.

However, the security researcher who discovered the email attack said that he believes the attacker is using an open-source software that can open the email, which means that it could have been “hacked” from a local area network.


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